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Tali kopling daihatsu charade classy putus

Anda pemilik daihatsu charade ataupun pemilik kendaraan lainnya, waspada terhadap hal ini. Hal sepele seperti ini bisa berakibat fatal, terutama bila anda sedang berkendara keluar kota. Ini pernah saya alami, untungnya bukan pada saat keluar kota, hanya berkendara didalam kota, kopling tiba-tiba loss / hilang saat ditekan. Setelah diperiksa ternyata tali kopling putus.

Pencegahan lebih baik dari pada mengobati. Waspada pada mobil-mopbil di atas 10 tahun.

Bagaimana ciri-ciri tali kopling mobil anda harus diperiksa dan diganti.

Ciri yang pertama adalah, kopling terasa berat dalam jangka waktu yang lama. Memang hal ini bagi pemilik kendaraan pemula dapat mengecoh, apakah kopling yang harus diganti. Karena saya pun sudah menganggarkan untuk mengganti kopling karena sudah keras. Namun ternyata bukan.

Ciri kedua adalah. saat kita menginjak kopling seperti terasa ada hentakan yang lain. (seperti ada yang kendur). Nah kalau sudah muncul tanda ini, tidak akan lama lagi tali kopling anda akan putus.

Biasanya secara visual agak sulit melihat serabut baja yang putus karena tertutup selubung.

Nah, sebelum anda mengalami putusnya tali kopling yang dapat berakibat anda merogoh kocek dalam-dalam saat bepergian keluar kota, tidak ada salahnya mengecek kondisi tali kopling anda.

Semoga bermanfaat.

Tali kopling daihatsu charade classy sekitar 180 rb (original)
Ongkos pasang 80 rb.
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Daihatsu charade tire rotation - Small thing that could save your money

Tire is one of important point for driving safely. To get best performance of car tire and extended the car tire lifetime, it need to do periodical inspection.
One of periodical inspection of tire is tire rotation. This small thing of rotate your tire could save you much money because the tire life time could prolong and the important thing is, keep the safety while driving.

The main purpose of rotate your car tire is to minimize or reduce irregular wear. And to get maximum mileage, your car tire should be rotated every 5000 miles or 8000 km.

Below is the pattern of car tire rotation. For daihatsu charade classy or winner which is front wheel drive car, the car rotation should follow right side pattern.

Well. Keep safety driving.
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Trip Picture

This picture was found when I went to Surabaya, a pick-up car that bring over load stuff. Can you imagine that small car was bring over weight and over height stuff. I just wondering, if the car unbalance, and fall into nearby car or people.
Well, this kind of picture may be easy to be found around this country.
So when you passing by this kind of car, please be careful.
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Check your Daihatsu Charade fuel filter periodically

One of routine checking items for daihatsu charade classy or winner is fuel filter. According to daihatsu charade manual, this fuel filter should be regularly check. It can be cleaned up or replaced by new one, if couldn't clean up or very dirty.

Why we have to check fuel filter, here is the answer from Wikipedia:
Fuel filters serve a vital function in today's modern, tight-tolerance engine fuel systems. Unfiltered fuel may contain several kinds of contamination, for example paint chips and dirt that has been knocked into the tank while filling, or rust caused by moisture in a steel tank.

If these substances are not removed before the fuel enters the system, they will cause rapid wear and failure of the fuel pump and injectors, due to the abrasive action of the particles on the high-precision components used in modern injection systems. Fuel filters also improve performance, as the fewer contaminants present in the fuel, the more efficiently it can be burnt.

My experience and based on charade manual, this fuel filter have to be changed every 20000 km. It's better if change with orginal one since this will effect to engine performance.
So don't forget to check your fuel filter regularly.
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Top 10 Fuel Saving Tips

Author: sammypitt

Whether you drive a two-seat hybrid or a three-ton SUV, chances are you can squeeze a bit more distance out of each gallon of fuel. These ten fuel saving tips have served me well over the years, and they can help you improve your car's fuel economy and take some of the sting out of high fuel prices. Most of these tips will give you a very slight increase in miles per gallon (MPG) -- but use several together and the gas mileage improvements will really add up.

1. Check your air filter
A clean air filter is the key to good fuel economy. A dirty air filter restricts the flow of air into the engine, which harms performance and economy. Air filters are easy to check and change; remove the filter and hold it up to the sun. If you can't see light coming through it, you need a new one. Consider a K&N or similar "permanent" filter which is cleaned rather than changed; they are much less restrictive than throw-away paper filters, plus they're better for the environment.

2. Check your tire pressure
Next to the air fitler, under-inflated tires are one of the most commonly ignored causes of crummy MPG. Buy a reliable tire gauge, check your tires when they are cold (driving the car warms up the tires and the air inside them, increasing the pressure), and keep them properly inflated. Use the inflation pressures shown in the owner's manual or on the data plate in the driver's door jamb.

3. Slow down
As speed increases, fuel economy decreases exponentially. If you one of the "ten-over on the freeway" set, try driving the speed limit for a few days. You'll save a lot of fuel and your journey won't take much longer. Just be sure you keep to the right, so you won't impede the less-enlightened.

4. Hang with the trucks
Ever notice how, in bad traffic jams, cars seem to constantly speed up and slow down, while trucks tend to roll along at the same leisurely pace? A constant speed keeps shifting to a minimum -- important to those who have to wrangle with those ten-speed truck transmissions -- but it also aids economy, as it takes much more fuel to get a vehicle moving than it does to keep it moving. Rolling with the big rigs saves fuel (and aggravation).

5. Accelerate with care
Jack-rabbit starts are an obvious fuel-waster - but that doesn't mean you should crawl away from every light. If you drive an automatic, accelerate moderately so the transmission can shift up into the higher gears. Stick-shifters should shift early to keep the revs down, but don't lug the engine -- downshift if you need to accelerate. Keep an eye well down the road for potential slowdowns. If you accelerate to speed then have to brake right away, that's wasted fuel.

6. Get back to nature
Consider shutting off the air conditioner, opening the windows and enjoying the breeze. It may be a tad warmer, but at lower speeds you'll save fuel. That said, at higher speeds the A/C may be more efficient than the wind resistance from open windows and sunroof. If I'm going someplace where arriving sweaty and smelly could be a problem, I bring an extra shirt and leave early so I'll have time for a quick change.

7. Back off the bling
New wheels and tires may look cool, and they can certainly improve handling. But if they are wider than the stock tires, chances are they'll create more rolling resistance and decrease fuel economy. If you upgrade your wheels and tires, keep the old ones. I have fancy sport rims and aggressive tires on my own car, but I keep the stock wheels with a good narrower-tread performance tire in the garage. For long road trips, the stock wheels give a smoother ride and better economy.

8. Clean out your car
The more weight your car has to haul, the more gas it needs to do the work. If you're the type who takes a leisurely attitude towards car cleanliness -- and I definitely fall into that group -- periodically go through your car and see what can be tossed out or brought into the house. It doesn't take much to acquire an extra 40 or 50 lbs. of stuff.

9. Out with the new, in with the old
Many people keep their old cars around even after they buy a new one. A spare car, especially if it's an econobox, can be good insurance against temporary spikes in gas prices due to world events. The costs of keeping the car may or may not be less then the fuel saved, but it does allow for more predictability in your budget. My old beater doesn't look like much, but it goes 10 miles further on a gallon of gas than our regular car. For that, I can afford to look bad!

10. Don't drive
Not a popular thing to say on a car site, I know, but the fact is that if you can avoid driving, you'll save gas. Take the train, carpool, and consolidate your shopping trips. Walking or biking is good for your wallet and your health. And before you get in your car, always ask yourself: "Is this trip really necessary?"
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Air filter replacement for Daihatsu Charade

Ilham M

Every 5000 km, air filter should be cleaning and every 20.000 km, air filter should be replace with new one.
You could replace it easily. In the original air filter, there is Daihatsu label in the center of filter.
Below is the picture of air filter after replacement.

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Peta mudik 2008 Sumatra - Jawa

Peta dan panduan bagi yang ingin melakukan perjalanan mudik terutama ke pulau Sumatera silahkan didownload. Dilengkapi dengan info bengkel resmi, info polisi, waktu sholat dll.

Download peta mudik
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Spesifikasi mesin daihatsu charade

Below is the daihatsu charade machine specification for engine type HC-C 1300 cc. The reference of this specification is came from Manual book of Daihatsu charade HC-C

Engine type : HC-C
Type : Petrol 4 cycle
Mounting location : Front
Cylinder No. : 4 cylinder in line, mounted transverly
Valve mechanism : Belt driven overhead chamsaft
Bore x stroke mm : 76 x 71.4
Compresion ratio : 9.5
Compresion pressure kgf : 14-350
Maximum output kW/rpm : 56/6500
Maximum torque Nm/rpm : 102/3900
Engine weight kg : 91

Number of piston ring
Compresion ring : 2
Oil ring : 1

Valve clearance mm
Intake : Hot 0.25
Exhaust : Hot 0.33

Idling speed rpm : 850

Lubrication system
Lubrication method : Fully forced method
Oil pump type : Trochoid type
Oil filter type : Full blow filter type, filter paper type
Lubrication oil cap. L
Whole amount : 4
When oil changed: 3.3
With oil filter : 4
Oil cooler type : Water cooled type

Cooling system
Cooling method : water-cooled type
Radiator type : Corrugation typer forced circulation
Coolant capacity L : 5.5
Water pump type : Centrifugal type V belt driven type
Thermostat type : Wax pellet type

Fuel system
Fuel tank capacity L : 37
Fuel pump type : Diaphragm type
Fuel filter type : Filter paper type
Manufacturer : Aisan kogyo
Type : two barrel type
Throttle valve : dia 28 mm, 32 mm
Ventury dia : 21 mm, 25 mm
Choke valve type: Manual type, butterfly shaped valve

Ignition system
Voltage V : 12
Firing order : 1-3-4-2
Distributor type : conventional
Spark plug (busi) : Denso K20PR-U11, NGK BKR6E-11, CHAMPION RC9YC4
Alternator : 3 phase, 12V 45A
Starter : Magnet engaging type, 12V 0.8 KW


I will continue to post about machine tune-up specification. Keep visited this web.

Ilham M
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Car Maintenance For You

By Mack Jacobson

Cars are very expensive, just to own one takes a toll in your pocket. If you have a car new or used it is vital that you maintain it. There is no mercy for neglecting to maintain your car because when you forget to maintain car, you have my assurance that you'll to find your self stranded in the highway. Car maintenance are not hard to do at all, some requires you to have special tools but for the most part all you need is just basic tools. If you have money why not hire a mechanic to do it for you. This is much better because you know that your car was professionally serviced. Here I will show you the essentials for the maintenance:

- Oil Change: Your car needs this to survive, this is equivalent to your blood in your body. So doing an oil change to your car is a must. Your car wont live long without this.

- Cooling System: Cooling system includes the hose,radiator,fan,thermostat. Replacing your hoses when their cracked is too late. You should check it all the time, if the hoses are hard and unpliable then its time to replace it. Also the thermostat needs to be replace when time comes. This little device if it fails, your car will overheat.

- Brakes: Checking the brake fluid reservoir is very important. You'll see in there if you have a sufficient amount of fluid. Also so check the brake pads and disk. If the pads are worn replace them so as the disk.

- Gearbox: check the gearboxes fluid by pulling out a small dipstick in the area of the gearbox. If the color of the fluid is pink then its good if not then you might want it flushed and replace.

- Electricals: battery is what powers your car, the alternator charges the battery and the starter starts your car. Any failures in any of the 3 components will result in your car not starting. To diagnose your alternator, when your car is running disconnect the battery and the car should keep going without it dying. Check the cables that hooks up to your battery. If its corroded you might want to replace that.

- Tune up: tuning your car is the best thing to do when your car feels a bit sluggish. Tune up consist of replacing your spark plug and its wire, o2 sensor.

- Tires: have it rotated and balance, also you should always check your tire psi. Make sure you follow the correct amount of psi you put in the tires by checking your car's manual book.

I'm sure theres is more to check and replace in a vehicle but we just covered the surface of car maintenance. The main point in here is to take action maintaining your vehicles for the car will be in top shape and you won't have to worry about the car breaking down.

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10 Tips on How to Save on Car Maintenance

By David K. Volkens

In general maintenance works consist of cleaning, refueling, providing proper lubrication, fixing, checking, adjusting wheels and car parts. Proper maintenance is the guarantee of a long life of your vehicle. However if you want to save on car maintenance, follow these helpful tips and discover how to have it up and running for lower costs.

Tip #1. Buy a newer car.

Does it sound rather vague to you? Some new cars from a manufacturer can last for years without any repairs. It mostly depends on your driving habits indeed. Once you have a new car you can forget your mechanic's address for a while even though regular maintenance is still required. But if you already have an old car... well, see below.

Tip #2. Get good auto insurance.

Good car insurance is the best way to save on car maintenance when it comes to breakages and failures. Try to do some research and find such car insurance which best fits your needs. When you get car insurance with a low deductible payment it will help you reduce your technical maintenance expenses considerably. If you already have auto insurance with a high deductible... hm, continue reading.

Tip #3. Do it on your own.

In case you have a mechanical breakdown, try to fix it by yourself. There are many online support services that can help you check your car and discover the fault. If you still need to take it to a repair service keep in mind that they get new car parts to change the broken ones with a high markup. Thus in some cases buying spare parts by yourself (if you know exactly what you need) will help you reduce the expenses by 4 times! Just shop around and look for better offers online.

Tip #4. Prevention is better than cure.

You can save money and prolong your car's working capacity if you take some preventive measures. By changing oil, charging batteries in time as well as doing total check-up of your car once a month, you can help your vehicle last longer.

Tip #5. Use your car wisely.

You'll be surprised how much you can save if you give some thought to the ways you use your car. One should stop the engine at red traffic lights and in the jams.

Tip #6. Maintain your speed level.

From my own experience I can say that when I speed up and pull up fast, it does good neither to my brakes nor my fuel economy. One should stick to some certain speed level. That way one can achieve the lowest fuel rate and save the brake pads from wearing out. Using deceleration technique to make your car come to a halt is better than applying the brake.

Tip #7. Check your tires.

Partially deflated tires do not help save money at all. First of all if there isn't enough air in the tires they can wear out faster. Secondly underinflation increases fuel rate by 4-6% which makes you spend more fuel than usual. You can read technical characteristics and check the best tire inflation pressure for your car.

Tip #8. New spark plugs every once in a while.

Statistics show that changing old spark plugs in time cuts fuel costs down by 25-35%. Moreover new spark plugs also help improve car's performance and capacity.

Tip #9. Wash it in time.

At first blush one could say that washing doesn't reduce maintenance costs at all. However cleaning your car in time will help you prevent if from corrosion which is caused by accumulation of mud and dust that stay wet and stimulate corrosive wear.

Tip #10. Read the manual.

When you know your car as the back of your hand you are definitely aware of what it needs, when its engine has to be tuned-up or what oil it's better to use. It's always helpful to read the owner's manual and look under the hood once in a while.

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Daihatsu charade classy - winner: Radiator Cap

Ilham M

Ini adalah bagian-bagian yang perlu diwaspadai oleh pengguna mobil yang sudah cukup berumur seperti daihatsu charade classy atau yang sejenis. Yang perlu diperhatikan dan perlu dicek secara regular adalah radiator cap / penutup radiator.

Selain itu yang perlu juga diperhatikan adalah motor fan radiator, terutama bila pada fan radiator muncul suara-suara berisik yang mengganggu.

Cap fan radiator:
Alat ini kelihatannya sepele, namun perlu juga mendapat perhatian. Kerusakan pada cap fan radiator yang sering terjadi terutama adalah robeknya karet / seal cap radiator. Robeknya karet radiator menyebabkan uap air pada saat panas keluar dan mengakibatkan air radiator cepat habis. Akibatnya bisa fatal bila air radiator sampai kurang.
Bila ditemukan rusak, segera ganti dengan yang memiliki spesifikasi yang sama. Harga juga tidak terlalu mahal. Pilih saja yang kualitas baik karena selisih harga tidak terlalu jauh.
Di bawah ini adalah gambar cap radiator untuk daihatsu classy dan kerusakan yang sering terjadi.

Semoga membantu.

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Top 5 Cheap(ish) Fast Cars!

By Tony O'Donnell

This article will bring together 10 fast road cars that YOU could own... It isn't a definitive list, but a group of fast cars from all kinds of different classes that won't require a lottery win. This is only a handful of similar cars so don't forget to shop around.

5) Ford Mustang - Believe it or not the mustang first arrived in 1964, making a cameo appearance in Goldfinger. More recently in 1994 Ford began production of the forth generation, with the Mustang GT available as a coupe model V8 outputting 260 horses and producing a 0-60 time somewhere around 6 seconds. Of course if you're not worried about pricing issues than naturally you'll want the limited edition Cobra GT, or even the Ford Mustang Shelby GT... She's a beast of a muscle car.

4) Golf Gti (MKIII) The MK3 arrived in 1991, it had a larger chassis than previous versions (now weighs over a ton) and this time was built to last, but boy aint it fun?! You can grab one of these cars with a 2.0L 16v engine that will punch out 115BHP. This will do 0-60 in 8.7 seconds and a top speed of 124mph, not too shabby when you can get a high spec version for less than £2000 now a days...

3) Honda civic type R Although the new Civic is more weighty than its predecessor, its still very quick for its class, it has a 0-62mph time of 6.6 seconds. The top speed hasn't changed and remains at 146MPH. The suspension set-up has also been changed, Honda claim it's now more responsive and rigid. You can pick one up for around £9000, don't forget though this is new and you're paying for quality here. Read the full review of the Honda Civic.

2) Nissan 300zx The Nissan 300zx is no longer a production car, but you can easily pick up a good used model for under £10,000 and even reaching as low as £5000. Performance wise the twin turbo packs 276BHP, which gets you from 0 to 60 in 6 seconds and with a top speed of around 155mph - it will please. Read the full review of the Nissan 300zx.

1) Daihatsu Charade Gtti This truly is a little gem. It's the fastest and most powerful 1litre production car EVER. It produces 100BHP and goes from 0-60 in an unbelievable 7.5 seconds. This thing will keep up with your 318i, your Golf Gti and your Escort RS turbo. Granted, its not a family car - it's a pocket rocket. You can pick one up in a good condition for under £2000 and don't worry its very economical too in comparison to your standard sports car! Impress your mates and buy this...

Article in association with Nippon Automotive - Japanese Car Parts.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Tony_O'Donnell
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The Four Generations of the Daihatsu Charade

By Joe Thompson

The Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. is an automobile manufacture who has its base and headquarters located in Japan. This Japanese car manufacturer is commonly known as Daihatsu and it is famous for its production of compact cars and small cars that are known in Japan as kei jihosha.

The Daihatsu Charade is actually one of the cars that this automobile manufacturer has produced. And this vehicle is actually a subcompact car, making it fit nicely in the line of vehicles that this company has been producing.

The Daihatsu Charade was born in the year 1977. It lived through several decades up until the year 2000 when its production was halted. However, the company thinks that this vehicle is actually a large compact car. This is most likely because the Daihatsu Charade is the largest compact car that the company has produced compared to all the other compact cars in its line up of vehicles.

Last year, 2005, the Charade name was actually brought back in the automobile market in the United Kingdom and in Australia as well. In fact, the vehicle that holds the Charade name is actually a rebadged Daihatsu Mira which is more known as the Daihatsu Cuore in other markets in Europe.

The previous Daihatsu Charade was known in the automobile world to have gone through four specific generations. The first generation was known as G10 and it lived through the years 1977 up until 1983. It was made available as a hatchback that either held three doors or four doors. Its power came from a 993 cc engine with three cylinders and could produce 50 units of horsepower.

The second generation, known as G11, lived from 1983 up until 1987. The body styles offered were still the same. However, as per the power, there were several variations of the engine. There also was a five speed manual transmission made available.

As per the third generation of the Daihatsu Charade which was known as G100, it lived from 1987 up until the year 1994. This time around, the subcompact car had trim levels available for this vehicle. The vehicle also had features like a sunroof, power windows, air conditioning as well as a power steering. In the United States, the Daihatsu Charade was sold with a high price and was not marketed well so much so that it sold poorly in this area.

The last generation of the Daihatsu Charade was known as the G200 and this generation started in 1994 and it ended in 2000, which also was the last year for the Daihatsu Charade. This time, instead of just having a hatchback version, there also was a sedan version made available for the consumers.

Auto Parts Discount, ensures that the quality of Daihatsu parts like those top of the line projector headlights you purchase will complement the excellence of your Daihatsu vehicle.


Joe Thompson is the owner of a successful auto body shop in Ferndale, California. This 38 year old is also a prolific writer, contributing automotive related articles to various publications.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Joe_Thompson
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Masalah panas pada daihatsu charade classy (2)

Ilham M
Masuk tomang dan slipi, indikasi suhu menunjukkan 1/2, wah ini mulai ganjil pikir ku. Mulai ada rasa was-was. kenapa yaa. Tiba di tol bekasi barat sekitar jam 8:00, pas sesuai dengan target. Keluar tol menuju kranji. Di depan grand mal bekasi, tiba-tiba indikator mesin dah menanjak naik lagi. Ku hentikan mobil di depan grand mal bekasi untuk sesaat sembari menunggu dingin mesin. Karena buru-buru tidak ada pikiran untuk mengecek lagi.

Segera kustart mesin dan menuju kranji. Tiba di kranji, jemput orang tua ku kemudian menuju ke Ciputat. Sebelum berangkat, kucoba cek lagi radiator. Ternyata kembali berkurang. Hem, kemana yaa airnya. Curiga semakin menjadi-jadi. Tapi karena diburu waktu harus tiba di ciputat jam 9:00, tidak ada pilihan lain selain kembali menjalankan charade classy ku menuju tol JORR. Masuk dari tol bintara menuju JORR pondok indah. Tidak ada halangan berarti selama di tol. Jam 9:00 kami sudah tiba di pintu keluar tol pondok indah. indikator suhu naik lagi. Kami cari tempat berhenti yang teduh dan menemukan di sekitar SPBU lebak bulus setelah terminal lebak bulus. Di sini kami berhenti dan menunggu mesin dingin. Cek lagi radiator wow, kosong lagi. Kemanakah air nya hilang???. Yup karena diburu waktu, tidak ada pilihan untuk berpikir panjang, langsung kuisi air di radiator (tentunya setelah mesin agak dingin). Kupacu lagi menuju lokasi tujuan.
Singkat kata tiba ditujuan setelah berjuang mengatasi problem demam. Kuparkir mobil ku. Singkat kata, setelah bersilahturahmi sesaat, kami harus berangkat lagi menuju ke Kebayoran. Nah akhirnya demamnya sudah tidak tertahan lagi, Kami berhenti lagi setelah berjalan selama 10 menit. Kami berhenti di SPBU. Untungnya di SPBU sehingga nyaman untuk menunggu mesin dingin. Dikala menunggu ini, istriku memberi nasihat untuk mengecek kenapa masalah ini terjadi. Kebetulan di depan SPBU ada bengkel. Segera saya berjalan menuju bengkel tsb.
Akhirnya di bengkel tsb dicek lah. Air diisi, terlihat air menetes deras dibagian bawah mesin sebelah kanan. Teknisi bengkel bilang, water pump bocor pak. Yah, akhirnya ketemu juga problem nya. Sebetulnya saya dah lama pengen ganti tuh water pump, cuman belum kesampaian, sampai akhirnya rusak juga.
Nego biaya-biaya, disepakati langung dikerjakan.
Total perbaikan:
1. Water pump merek GMB baru
2. Selang radiator di bawah manifold diganti
3. Jasa perbaikan di atas.

Kerjaan menghabisakan waktu cukup lama, karena harus mengganti selang yang bocor, yang posisinya juga sulit.
AKhirnya setelah menunggu cukup lama, perbaikan selesai juga. Hasilnya cukup memuaskan, problem teratasi.
Kembali kami melanjutkan perjalanan pulang ke bekasi dan cilegon.
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Masalah panas pada daihatsu charade classy (1)

Ilham M

Ya, sekali lagi mobil daihatsu charade classy kesayanganku mengalami demam. Kejadian ini saya alami setelah menempuh perjalanan yang cukup jauh di hari kemerdekaan RI yang ke 63 ini. Setelah diperiksa dan diperbaiki, mobil ku bisa kembali membawa diriku dan keluargaku.Ceritanya seperti ini:

Kami sekeluarga berencana menuju bekasi dari Cilegon. Pagi-pagi sekali kami bersiap-siap. Jam menunjukkan pukul 5:30 pagi. Mobil ku start untuk memanaskan mesin. Belum sempat jalan, sekitar 10 menit setelah dipanaskan, indikator suhu menunjukkan setengah. Wah kenapa yaa? Langsung kumatikan dan coba cek kondisi air di radiator. Kubuka dengan hati-hati tutup radiator dengan menggunakan lap kanebo untuk mencegah air panas muncrat. Uh betul saja, ternyata air di radiator tidak penuh alias kurang. Kutambahkan airnya. Belum ada kecurigaan mengapa air berkurang. Pikirku, mungkin karena sudah lama tidak dicek saja jadinya air berkurang.
Jam menunjukkan pukul 6.00, langsung tancap gas menuju tol cilegon barat. Target tiba dibekasi jam 8:00. Ku pacu kecepatan hingga 120 km.jam. Hem bandel juga nih mobil, pikirku karena mampu dengan enteng menembus 120 km per jam. Ok tidak ada keanehan apa-apa sampai saat ini, indikator suhu masih 1/4. Jadi terus kupacu saja. Masuk tomang dan slipi, indikasi suhu menunjukkan 1/2, wah ini mulai ganjil pikir ku. Mulai ada rasa was-was. kenapa yaa...
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The Daihatsu Charade Life Line

by: Jenny McLane

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. is actually a manufacturer of cars and vehicles that has its main headquarters located in Japan. This auto manufacturer is known for its designing and crafting of compact cars and small cars. In Japan, these small and compact cars are known as “kei jidosha”. At present, Daihatsu also researches and finds interesting and useful information on hybrids as well as on two stroke diesel engines.

Passenger car models from this manufacturer include the toy model of the Daihatsu Midget Applause, the Atrai, the Be-Go, the Boon, the Ceria, the Charade, the Compagno, the Consorte, the Copen, the Cuore, the Hijet, the Max, the Midget, the Move, the Rocky, the Sirion, the Taruna, the Terios, the Valera, the Xenia, and the YRV.

Customers, Daihatsu owners, and aficionados can come across really durable replacement parts, auto parts, and accessories on websites like http://www.partstrain.com. Moreover, these online stores hold a wide and varied collection of quality and budget friendly Daihatsu parts and accessories. The Auto Parts Online’s collection of Daihatsu parts includes condensers, catalytic converters, coolant tanks, electrical parts, engine parts, exhausts, fenders, fender flares, fender trims, grilles, hoods, oxygen sensors, radiators, and starters just to name a few. Available 24 hours a day, Auto Parts Online has available customer service representatives ready to serve the most demanding needs and inquiries regarding auto parts.

Since 1977, the Daihatsu Charade has already been roaming the streets and roads. Unlike the usual small and compact car from the Daihatsu company, this vehicle is actually a large compact car. It has been crafted so as to be able to have a point of comparison with its competitors. The year that this vehicle first rolled off the manufacturing plants, that first generation of Daihatsu Charades, or was known to be the G10, came available as a hatchback with either three doors or five doors. The power came from a 993 cc engine with three cylinders. It held the capability to create 50 hp JIS.

The next batch came in 1983 and this next batch of Daihatsu Charades was known as the G11. The same body styles remained. This time, however, it held several variations in its 1.0 liter engine with cylinders. Among those was the turbocharged version of this that was capable of creating 68 hp JIS and a Diesel version as well. Made available for the first time was a five speed manual transmission. Two versions were made with this batch and it was the square eye and the cat eye versions.

Two more generations followed after the G11. The third generation came in 1987 and the last generation found its way in 1994. The third generation of 1987 was came to be known as the G100 series. As per the fourth generation of Daihatsu Charades that entered the scene in 1994, that group was dubbed as the G200 series. The crafting and production of the Daihatsu Charade stopped completely in 2005 and was later on replaced by the Daihatsu Sirion and the Daihatsu YRV.

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Jenny McLane is a 36 year old native of Iowa and has a knack for research on cars and anything and everything about it. She works full time as a Market Analyst for one of the leading car parts suppliers in the country today.

This article was posted on March 08, 2006
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Kapan Ban Harus Diganti?

Alfian Ritchie
KudaMas Autoindo

Seperti produksi massal lainnya, ban memiliki masa pakai yang terbatas.
Material ban bisa susut kualitasnya kalau disimpan terlalu lama. Tidak Cuma itu, karet bundar yang terlihat bagus dari luar juga harus diganti apabila masanya sudah kadaluarsa. Begitu juga pengaruh cuaca. Perubahan suhu udara juga menjadi penyebab kerusakan ban.

Ada beberapa faktor yang menandakan kapan ban harus diganti. Namun ada
baiknya menyimak beberapa pengetahuan tentang ban.

Biasanya produsen menentukan ketebalan kembangan ban dengan apa yang
disebut remaining tread depth (RTD). Ketebalan alur kembangan yang
dianjurkan minimal 1.6 mm. Bila mobil sering dipacu dalam kecepatan tinggi atau sering melalui jalan bebas hambatan (tol), maka batas ketebalan RTD setidaknya tidak kurang dari 2,4 mm. Jika RTD lebih kecil dari angka-angka tersebut, ban harus diganti baru.

Tekanan angin juga sangat berpengaruh terhadap keausan ban. Agar ban tidak cepat gundul, sebaiknya berilah tekanan angin yang sesuai dengan ukuran dan daya tampung kendaraan.

Selain itu produsen juga melengkapi indikator keausan yang dikenal dengan istilah tread wear indicator (TWI). Indikator ini bentuknya berupa benjolan kecil dengan posisi melintang persis di telapak ban. Saat alur kembangan itu sudah sama dengan tanda TWI, berarti ban harus diganti.

Hindarkan pula penggunaan ban vulkanisir. Walaupun alur kembangannya
terlihat tebal, ban vulkanisir tetap saja tidak baik untuk digunakan.
Karena jenis ban yang demikian merupakan hasil "permakan" dari ban bekas.

Bahkan yang lebih parah lagi ban gundul itu diukir agar terkesan baru.
Padahal ban yang seperti ini berisiko terhadap keselamatan jika digunakan. Unsur kelainan dan cacat fisik, seperti benjol atau retak haruslah cepat disingkirkan dengan mengganti ban baru meski RTD- nya masih tebal. Kelainan fisik seperti itu menunjukna kerusakan pada kontruksi dalam ban. Bila dibiarkan akan menyebabkan resiko pecah ban.

Selain itu, perhatikan batas kadaluarsa ban. Biasanya umur pakai ban bisa mencapai 3 sampai 5 tahun terhitung sejak ban diproduksi. Nah untuk mengetahu masa ban pakai, bisa dilihat pada dinding ban, yang berisi petunjuk waktu dalam hitungan minggu dan tahun pembuatannya. Misalnya tertulis 0106, berarti ban itu diproduksi pada minggu pertama tahun 2006.

Meski karet bundar ini bisa bertahan 4 sampai 5 tahun lebih, sebaiknya
untuk cuaca tropis dianjurkan setiap 3 tahun sekali ban harus diganti.

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Mesin tidak bisa start.

Saya mau berbagi pengalaman dan juga pengalaman rekan-rekan.
Kalau Mesin tidak mau Start, padahal Dinamo Starter dan Aki dalam kondisi bagus,

1. Coba Chek koneksi antar Relay dengan Dinamo Starter biasanya Terminalnya kotor atau kendur atau bisa juga koneksi relay ada yang short sehingga menyebabkan aki habis.

2. Coba periksa kabel yang dari Plus Aki yang warnanya merah dan agak besar, mungkin terminatornya sudah longgar.

3. Kalo Indikator lampu mati semua periksa Fusible link yang posisinya dekat dengan accu, mungkin kendor soketnya atau putus.

5. Kunci kontak yang "tidak" bekerja dengan baik, periksa sambungan soket kabel dan kondisi kunci kontak

Pengalaman, milis, tips pak Dwi dll.
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Busi Denso untuk Classy & Winner

(Bung zon)
Sekedar info, busi Denso untuk Classy & Winner yang paling pas adalah

Umumunya dipasaran didapati K20P-U. K20P-U tetap bisa
dipergunakan akan tetapi yang paling pas adalah K20PRU11, memang
harganya lebih mahal 3000 rupiar per buah

Menurut bung Zon, kalau mempergunakan K20PRU11, pembakaran lebih sempurna
dan efeknya adalah penghematan bahan bakar.

Sticker tentang type busi yang direkomendasi biasanya di tempel di
tutup saringan/filter udara.
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Kerjakan sendiri. Kuras radiator daihatsu charade classy

Artikel ini disarikan dari milis (Om Kiky) dan pengalaman penulis sendiri.

Salah satu keluhan yang kerap dialami pengguna daihatsu classy adalah mesin panas. Pengalaman penulis sendiri, bila komponen pendinginan dirawat dengan apik, hal tersebut tidak akan terjadi. Komponen pendinginan mesin yang akan dibahas saat ini adalah radiator. Dimana fungsi dari radiator adalah mendinginkan air keluaran dari mesin yang panas dengan menggunakan media transfer udara yang dihembuskan oleh fan radiator ke radiator. Keluaran air dari radiator diharapkan akan cukup dingin untuk mendinginkan mesin.

Kerap ditemui permasalahan pada radiator adalah mampetnya aliran air pada fin radiator mengakibatkan proses pendinginan menjadi kurang dan akibatnya air yang masuk ke dalam mesin masih panas. Perawatan rutin diharapkan dapat mengurangi masalah tsb.

Langkah-langkah yang perlu dilakukan cukup sederhana seperti di bawah ini:

1. Buka baut kupu2 radiator (posisi di bawah). Apabila susah, bisa menggunakan tang.
2. buka tutup radiatornya, biasanya air di dalam radiator akan mengalir ke bawah (drain-out). Hati-hati apabila airnya masih panas.
3. Sambil membuang air (drain-out), isi air ke dalam radiator menggunakan selang, juga bersihkan tabung cadangannya.
4. Hidupkan mesin (2 - 5 menit). Sambil mengisi air menggunakan selang.
5. Matikan mesin, tunggu sampai sisa air di dalam radiator habis.
6. Ulangi No.4 beberapa kali sampai kondisi air buangan tidak kotor.
7. Setelah selesai, matikan mesin, tunggu sampai sisa air di dalam radiator habis, tutup baut kupu2 nya, isi radiator dengan air.
8. Isi radiator sampai penuh, tabung cadangannya biarkan kosong terlebih dahulu.
9. Hidupkan mesin, isi lagi air radiator (pasti berkurang).
10.Setelah penuh, tutup radiatornya, kemudian isi air di tabung cadangan sampai max.

Pengalaman penulis, air radiator sangat mempengaruhi lifetime dari radiator sbb:
- Jangan sembarangan dalam menggunakan radiator coolant.
- Jangan menggunakan air sembarangan (karena kandungan solid tinggi).
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Lembar jadwal perawatan berkala

Bagi mobil yang memang sudah berumur ini, perlu kiranya dibuat jadwal perawatan berkala agar mudah dalam mengingat apa yang sudah dilakukan dan apa yang belum. Jadwal perawatan berkala ini saya buat dan olah berdasarkan panduan dari website daihatsu indonesia.
Penggunaan pun cukup mudah, Download file lembar jadwal perawatan berkala, print out dan simpan untuk memudahkan dikemudian hari. Pada lembar tersebut, bila terdapat tanda lingkaran berarti hal tsb perlu dilakukan. Setelah perawatan dilakukan cukup diberi mark / ditandai pada bagian yang sudah dilakukan. Berdasarkan pengalaman, lembar jadwal perawatan berkala ini sangat membantu penulis.

Download file lembar jadwal perawatan berkala

Catatan: Ini hanya merupakan panduan untuk mempermudah penulis. Bila ada kesalahan / kekurangan silahkan beri masukan.

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Rekaman, rangkuman dan pengalaman penulis bersama daihatsu charade classy.

Artikel ini dihadirkan dengan melihat pengalaman penulis sendiri yang mengalami berbagai hal dengan mobil daihatsu charade khususnya charade classy,
juga rangkuman dari tanya jawab yang terdapat di milis.Saya mengucapkan terimakasih bagi teman2 yang banyak membantu pada saat menemui kesulitan dalam merawat classy.
Harapan penulis, sekelumit tulisan ini dapat sedikit banyak membantu para pengguna daihatsu charade classy / winner.

Tentu saja akan banyak kekurangan disana-sini, dengan bantuan teman-teman dengan berjalannya waktu, semoga kekurangan tersebut dapat penulis perbaiki.

Selamat membaca.
Ilham M
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Kami akan segera memproses pesanan anda, setelah mengkonfirmasi pembayaran telah diterima
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