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Car Maintenance For You

By Mack Jacobson

Cars are very expensive, just to own one takes a toll in your pocket. If you have a car new or used it is vital that you maintain it. There is no mercy for neglecting to maintain your car because when you forget to maintain car, you have my assurance that you'll to find your self stranded in the highway. Car maintenance are not hard to do at all, some requires you to have special tools but for the most part all you need is just basic tools. If you have money why not hire a mechanic to do it for you. This is much better because you know that your car was professionally serviced. Here I will show you the essentials for the maintenance:

- Oil Change: Your car needs this to survive, this is equivalent to your blood in your body. So doing an oil change to your car is a must. Your car wont live long without this.

- Cooling System: Cooling system includes the hose,radiator,fan,thermostat. Replacing your hoses when their cracked is too late. You should check it all the time, if the hoses are hard and unpliable then its time to replace it. Also the thermostat needs to be replace when time comes. This little device if it fails, your car will overheat.

- Brakes: Checking the brake fluid reservoir is very important. You'll see in there if you have a sufficient amount of fluid. Also so check the brake pads and disk. If the pads are worn replace them so as the disk.

- Gearbox: check the gearboxes fluid by pulling out a small dipstick in the area of the gearbox. If the color of the fluid is pink then its good if not then you might want it flushed and replace.

- Electricals: battery is what powers your car, the alternator charges the battery and the starter starts your car. Any failures in any of the 3 components will result in your car not starting. To diagnose your alternator, when your car is running disconnect the battery and the car should keep going without it dying. Check the cables that hooks up to your battery. If its corroded you might want to replace that.

- Tune up: tuning your car is the best thing to do when your car feels a bit sluggish. Tune up consist of replacing your spark plug and its wire, o2 sensor.

- Tires: have it rotated and balance, also you should always check your tire psi. Make sure you follow the correct amount of psi you put in the tires by checking your car's manual book.

I'm sure theres is more to check and replace in a vehicle but we just covered the surface of car maintenance. The main point in here is to take action maintaining your vehicles for the car will be in top shape and you won't have to worry about the car breaking down.